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Unveiling our Brand Refresh

Unveiling our Brand Refresh


While our new website was in development with Magicalogical, the design agency in charge who we’ve worked with for a long time, they took it upon themselves to look through our marketing over the last quarter-century to see how we have represented ourselves in Wigan and the surrounding areas.

They found that our lion head knocker logo had been squashed at some point through the years. 

Much like seeing an old photo of a loved one and seeing how much they’ve changed; we couldn’t believe it, but the proof was there. 

Magicalogical presented us with a refreshed version of the logo - much friendlier, modernised, elegant and simplified.

We remain true to our roots, in that we haven’t strayed too far from the original design. To some people, you may never notice.

But to us, thanks to Magicalogical, our lion now stands taller, prouder, and stronger than ever before.


Here's what Gavin from Magicalogical had to say about the project; 

"After a quarter of a century in the making it was the ideal time to look at not only the website but the brand and the iconic lion knocker logo itself. 

 One thing that we had noticed was that the logo itself had over time, become manipulated and resulted in a squashed appearance. We immediately looked to amend this and in doing so created a friendlier, stronger, more confident lions head. 

Further small tweaks also changed the shape and appearance of the door knocker from oval to a more perfect ellipse shape.

Whilst only minor changes, they make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the logo and has given the R&H brand a breath of fresh air whilst keeping the essence of authority it has created over the last 25 years. 

We are very confident that the new logo will look just as fresh when the company turn 50."


Gavin Keith Hough, Designer - Magicalogical



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Posted on: 1 November 2021